The Friends at NIH touch patients’ and their families’ lives in three ways:

  • Shelter near the NIH during treatment and help keeping up with housing costs at home;
  • Support systems including family and caregiver travel costs back and forth to the NIH;
  • Quality of life to take some of the stresses off, like a meal when they arrive on Sunday to start a week of difficult treatments;

We are champions of NIH patients, helping to cover their essential needs so they can focus on recovery, healing and their unique role in health discoveries. These breakthroughs provide Hope for you and your family–and all future generations.

Our Board

Roger Longenderfer, President
Beth Cooper, First Vice President
Grant Perry, Second Vice President
Steve McGowan, Treasurer
Brooke Betts
Jerry Sachs

Jerome Schnydman
Jay Shah
Sandeep Somaiya
Daniel Lonnerdal,  Federal Liaison
Randy Schools, Advisor
Catlin O’Shaughnessy Coffrin, Advisor

Meet Our Board



Heidi Williams, Chief Executive Officer
Therese Draddy, Program Manager
Kevin Blackerby, Development Manager
Beatrice Bailey, Intern
Elizabeth Tarallo, Intern

Meet Our Staff

The Friends of Patients at the NIH