As we begin 2021 with assisting NIH patients we just want to say thank you to all those who donated, supported, talked about, and introduced us. Many of you gave financial support to continue our programming, thank you! Others of you introduced us to friends and family members as a charity you support and encouraged others to do the same.
Thank you for that.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated by those we helped in 2020 and those we will support in 2021.


Dr. Francis Collins and Diane Baker

We would like to give a big note of thanks and congratulations to NIH’s director Dr. Francis Collins and his wife, Diane Baker. Both have been incredible supporters of Friends of Patients at the NIH through the years.
Diane is a former board member and Dr. Collins never misses an opportunity to help us support NIH patients. They have recently been named Washingtonians of the Year!

Follow the link to Washingtonian magazine to read more about this great honor.

Friends 2019

17-year-old Dixon


Friends of Patient at the NIH provided support to 17-year-old Dixon and his family last year when he came to the NIH seeking a stem cell transplant for Sickle Cell Disease.

Dr. John Tisdale, his physician, who has pioneered this experimental treatment, says it is safe to say Dixon is cured! What great words for Dixon’s family to hear!

Initially, Dixon’s father, Leonard, took him and his older sister, Flavia, to India from their native country of Uganda. Both children had Sickle Cell Disease.

The family could only afford treatment for one child at a time, so Flavia told her little brother, “You go first.” Unfortunately, Flavia died waiting for medicine.

When Dixon’s father heard about this treatment in the United States, he resolved to do everything possible to save Dixon’s life. Hear Dixon’s story in his own words, meet his father and the physician/researcher, Dr. John Tisdale.

Please help us help provide emergency financial support to many more NIH patients in clinical trials, like Dixon.



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