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Funding Supports Patients in Many Different Ways

When you give to Friends of Patients at the NIH your support can go to help patients in a variety of ways.

Whatever need they have, we work to support them. Below are some of the ways we have assisted patients in the past.

  • Ken* can no longer work because of the time-intensive care plan established through his NIH treatment protocol.
    He has exhausted his savings.
    Friends at NIH paid his rent, so that he was not evicted, and his electricity bill, so that he could continue to use his life-saving suction machine.
  • Keisha* comes to NIH for ongoing kidney care as a result of a rare endocrine disorder. She could not afford the air transportation for her last visit to the NIH and was not able medically to take a 6-hour bus trip.
    Friends at NIH paid for her airline ticket to receive life-saving care.
  • Sara* and her husband both work hourly jobs. She has softening of the bones and requires care at the NIH. For her last admission, she had to bring her husband as her caregiver. With both of them out of work for a week, they were not able to cover their monthly expenses. Friends at NIH paid their utility bills.

You have the power to help patients like Ken, Keisha and Sara.

Please make a gift today.

*Names changed for privacy.

The Friends of Patients at the NIH