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There’s a hidden treasure in our country that I’m proud to introduce you to — the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center where life-saving therapies are being discovered through clinical trials. Every one of the thousands of patients seen here each year is part of a clinical trial — meaning they have exhausted traditional medical interventions and have decided to dedicate themselves to furthering our understanding of their rare or terminal condition by┬áparticipating in a First in Human clinical trail at the NIH.

I am doubly proud to serve on the board of Friends of Patients at the NIH, a charity supporting patients from across the globe, emotionally and financially, as they participate in these clinical trials. These everyday heroes make medical advances possible for all of us — from development of an Ebola vaccine to immunotherapy treatments for cancer.

You can help these patients in two ways:
1) Watch the documentary First in Human
2) Donate to support these heroes and she-roes through my Facebook campaign to raise $5,000. by August 31st.

I step out to celebrate the amazing patients I know and work with and invite you to become part of this journey with me!

Diane Baker

Board of Directors

The Friends of Patients at the NIH