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Mr. David Liola is a Federal Senior Account Executive with Armis. David graduated from Mary Washington University in 2001 and has worked in the cybersecurity industry since 2005 in various sales roles.

David currently lives in Ashburn, VA with his wife, Katherine, and three children ages 8, 7 and 5.

“I am a big sports fan of the DC teams and enjoy traveling, golfing, music and being in nature.”

“I started as a patient at NIH in 2015 and am still in multiple protocols with NIAID (Primary Immunodeficiency Clinic) and NIDDK (Liver Diseases Branch)” said Mr. Liola.

“I currently see the NIDDK group every 6 months for them to check my progress. NRH is a condition that is not very well known,I also realize that this is a lifelong diagnosis that will need to continue to be monitored and if I wasn’t in the DC area or if I wasn’t in a financial position to be able to take a day off of work each time I go for these visits how that can impact my health and information that the doctors can learn from me for other patients.”

“It is a privilege to be on the board of Friends at NIH. I am so fortunate to be a patient at NIH and have the support of my family. Whenever I am there I look at the other people that are there and realize that they all have their own story and reason for being seen at NIH. I also realize that people who are seen at NIH are from all walks of life and need to be there (I know personally how tough it was to get into NIH as a patient). It would be an honor to be part of an organization that can help provide financial and emotional support so that someone can be seen at NIH and continue in their protocol. I understand the importance of NIH and how NIH impacts people’s lives.

I look forward to supporting the board, the patients at NIH and its greater community.”

The Friends of Patients at the NIH