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Dr. John Tisdale, NHBLI, with Dr. Jonathan LaPook, CBS Medical Correspondent

Tune in to CBS’s 60 Minutes Sunday to learn about Dr. John Tisdale’s groundbreaking gene therapy treatment for Sickle Cell Disease. You’ll hear from Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the NIH, and…watch for it…see their band performing at Friends at NIH’s Friends Night Out Gala September 2018! Maybe you were there dancing!

Congratulations to Dr. Tisdale, an outstanding NIH researcher and his team at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute!

This young woman no longer experiences complications from Sickle Cell disease after life-changing treatment using gene therapy at the NIH Clinical Center. Watch and celebrate her journey on 60 Minutes this Sunday March 10 at 7 pm ET (DST).

NIH’s John Tisdale MD, outstanding researcher and talented musician.

Photos courtesy of CBS News with permission for use.



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