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Ron is the father of six children – a mix of biological, step and adopted. Amazingly, five are teenagers, all looking to him for guidance in challenging years.

The 42-year-old Chicagoan has kidney cancer which makes him keenly aware of his mortality and his desire to be a good role model for his family.

He travels to the NIH, every two weeks from Chicago, for a two-day treatment protocol and he’s done so for four years!

Ron works part-time in retail in Chicago with his employer’s support. With his aggressive treatment schedule, Ron’s exceptionally appreciative for the financial support Friends at NIH has provided so he can continue in the research study.

Friends helps many fathers – patients and caregivers – with emergency financial support for housing, transportation, and unexpected medical costs. It sustains families in medical crises and furthers research. Won’t you help make this possible? Please consider honoring your father with a special gift to help patients and their families this Father’s Day.

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