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Patients are the key to successful research at the National Institutes of Health. So, too, are the dedicated researchers with whom they partner. Together, they pioneer lifesaving discoveries.

Dr. Carsten Bonnemann says the support to patients from Friends at NIH is essential! “The NIH covers many costs, but we can’t cover all the financial hardship that a family has to go through. So that critical piece we need filled in by Friends at NIH, makes trials possible.”

We salute Dr. Bonnemann as one of the many talented physician/researchers at the NIH. His team is pioneering studies in rare genetic disorders in children, including treating eight-year-old Amber. See Amber’s Story here.

Won’t you please consider making a year-end donation to help Friends at NIH provide emergency support to patients and their families to relieve their financial burdens at a challenging time — and so they can complete experimental trials that benefit us all. Thank you.

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The Friends of Patients at the NIH