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Whereas, the Friends of Patients at the NIH lost a valued board member on December 14, 2019 with the death of Grant Matthew Perry, aged 66.

Whereas, Mr. Perry served on the board of Friends at NIH from July 2017 until his passing, and

Whereas, Mr. Perry served as Vice President of the board since August 2018.

Whereas, Mr. Perry, who was a longtime patient at the NIH and a steward for innovation in healthcare, began a patient advocacy organization called Patient Pilot, a charity with an app and other materials that helps patients learn which questions to ask their doctors.

Whereas, Mr. Perry worked as a digital media executive and consultant in both Europe and the United States and

Whereas, earlier in his career, Mr. Perry was a correspondent and anchor at CNN in New York and London.

Whereas, Mr. Perry was a valued member of the Silver Spring, MD community.

Resolved, that Friends of Patients at the NIH is grateful for Grant Perry’s contributions to the board.

Resolved, that with heavy hearts we express our condolences to Grant Perry’s loved ones, especially his wife Ilene Perry.

The Friends of Patients at the NIH