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Hello Golfers, Sponsors, Volunteers and Friends,
A beautiful day was had by all at our 13th annual golf tournament held at Manor Country Club !

Thank you for participating in our tournament to support NIH patients and families.
Please enjoy the wonderful foursome photos and candid highlights,

Thank you to our friend and volunteer photographer Maggie Bartlett, Special Times photography.

Winning team – Brian Gleason, Joe Hendery, Dr. David Henderson, David Peters

We hope you all had a great time and learned more about what we do together. Yes, together we help patients and families and it makes a huge difference.

Thank you to our guest speaker, Dr. Courtney Fitzhugh for sharing her tremendous work with sickle cell patients at the NIH. We are thrilled to partner with NHLBI in support of the “Cure Sickle Cell Initiative”.

With your support we can keep growing our programs, expanding local housing in our wonderful furnished apartments in Bethesda, supporting patients with rent, utilities, travel and basic needs such as groceries and clothing.

Heartfelt thank you to all of our sponsors

GOLD- Deloitte, ERPi, Grant Thornton
SILVER- Octo Consulting
BRONZE – The NIH Federal Credit Union
Race for RP – Water bottles

The Friends of Patients at the NIH