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Jeremy*, a young man from Louisiana, came to the NIH with a rare immunodeficiency disorder early this year after spending time in a local hospital. Since Jeremy’s mother has been at the NIH with him as his caregiver, she has been unable to work. After exhausting all of her paid leave days and borrowing money from other family members for assistance, Jeremy and his family were running out of ways to pay their bills.

When patients express multiple needs, Friends of Patients at the NIH is able to deliver with the support from donors like you. When they came to us, we were able to pay a month’s worth of this family’s utilities’ bill, car loan payment, and car insurance payment.

For the past 36 years, we have helped thousands of patients and their families by paying bills during a patient’s most critical time of need. No donation is too small. All funds join together to make a difference to a patient who should not be worrying about bills during their time at the NIH. One helping many, many helping one. You are one of the many that creates a lasting impact on a patient who needs help.

Your contributions supports patients like Jeremy when they need it most. Please, consider making a contribution today.

*Patient name changed for privacy

The Friends of Patients at the NIH