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Do you know that the NIH Clinical Center recruits healthy volunteers to participate in research studies? Healthy participants play a key role in the development of new drugs and treatments. They provide researchers with important information for comparison with people who have specific illnesses. Every year nearly 3,500 healthy volunteers participate in research studies at the NIH.

Alicia Mahmot, a dedicated volunteer for Friends at NIH, participated in a study as a healthy volunteer two years ago. She wanted to make a difference in others’ lives. “Sometimes the studies involve coming in for three hours and giving blood. I picked one that required two stints in the hospital, a week at a time. They took my blood four times a day and measured my urine output,” she said.

Alicia participated in the in-patient study in the summer, adding, “how awesome, for someone who wants to contribute to science. It could be a teacher. They could sit in their room and do work and be paid.” Not all studies compensate for the volunteer’s time, but some do. To learn more about the Clinical Research Volunteer Program (CRVP) at the NIH, visit CRVP.

Alicia is a 16-year cancer survivor whose passion for awareness outreach and designing jewelry inspires her to donate a portion of her proceeds to Friends at NIH. See Alicia’s Bracelet4Cancer

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